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Jeff Morr
Jeff Morr    Founder & CEO

Jeff Morr is practically a South Florida native, having moved here at the age of six from Tel Aviv, Israel.  He brings over 25 years of real estate and design experience to the field, having ventured into the real estate world at the ripe old age of 21, bringing an education in Advertising and Marketing from Florida International University.  Jeff reinvented the way South Florida real estate was designed, branded and sold, having introduced the "modern loft" concept in the late 1990's and having a strong part in reshaping the Miami skyline.  Jeff, through Majestic Properties, has sold over 3,000 new condominiums valued at over $3 billion.  Jeff proudly leads the Majestic team that spans three offices, over 200 sales agents, and a full service marketing and design firm.

Jeff was instrumental in conceptualizing, branding, and selling an impressive list of properties composing Miami’s skyline including 10 Museum Park, Marquis, Paramount Bay, Midtown Miami 2 & 4, Nirvana, Artecity, South of Five and The Caribbean.  Jeff maintains a hands-on approach at Majestic, from overseeing the creative and marketing efforts of the company as well as working with select, developers, investors and clients.  He also serves as a wealth of knowledge for agents, assisting them in any step of a transaction.

Jeff serves on the Board of Directors of the Master Broker’s Forum, an organization comprised of the top 250 real estate agents and brokers in Miami-Dade County.